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The Deadliest Snakes On Earth


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Slimy, slithery, and seriously dangerous. Granted we could be talking about a number of things here, but in this case, we’re discussing one of the world’s most deadly species around – snakes. Think about it, there are 3,000 snake species around the globe. Of those 3,000, only some 400 are especially venomous and an even smaller portion of those 400 are incredibly deadly to humans. Assuming you’re not Steve Irwin, how do you know which snakes fall into the deadly category? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled such a list, but don’t be surprised if you’re overcome with the heebeeejeebees.

King Cobra

Throughout Asia and the jungles of India, you’ll find the King Cobra – the longest, most venomous snake in the world. GULP. Growing upwards of 18.8 feet, it isn’t actually a “true cobra”. Say what? It’s true, instead it falls into its sub genus class. Cause that somehow makes it less terrifying? Okay, okay maybe this will help. King Cobras aren’t usually deadly to humans, as they tend to hunt lizards, rodents, and other snakes. However this critter has enough neurotoxin in its venom to actually paralyze and kill an elephant, in just a few hours. Oh, and if it bites a human, the survival rate is about 40 percent.


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