Five home readies for sore throat


January 15,2020

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A sore throat can be very disturbing. The main symptoms of sore throat are pain and irritation while swallowing food or liquid. Sometimes it just comes along on its own. Other times it comes along with other symptoms like fever or cold. Either way, there are few home remedies for sore throat. Usually, a sore throat is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. A sore throat caused by a viral or bacterial infection lasts for five to seven days. However, if your sore throat is caused by something other than a virus or bacteria, treatments other home remedies will likely be prescribed by your doctor. Home remedies for sore throat Home remedies are those ingredients you may already have at home or those that can be readily acquired with only a mild hit to your pocket. Here are a few home remedies that can relieve your sore throat. Saltwater gargle For most Nigerians, this is the go-to home remedy for sore throat. All that is needed for a saltwater gargle is salt and warm water. And there’s hardly a home where there’s no salt or water. To reduce the swelling in your throat, the salt pulls the water out of your throat tissue. Plus, it kills unwanted viruses and bacteria in your throat. For maximum effect, stir one teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water, then gargle a mouthful for thirty seconds. Do this once per hour. Honey Honey is a good home remedy for sore throat. But people who avoid sugar may want to go with another remedy since honey is sugar in another form. Also, honey isn’t good for children under the age of one. This is because their throats haven’t acquired the healthy bacteria to fight off the germs contained in honey. For people who are fine with honey, combine it with warm water or apple cider vinegar or other herbs. Lemon water If your sore throat comes with a cold or flu, Lemon water can provide relief for the sore throat, cold or flu. Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which can boost the amount of saliva you produce. In turn, the saliva helps keep your mucous membranes moist. All you need to do is combine lemon with warm water. To maximize the effect, add a bit of salt or honey. Coconut oil Coconut oil has many health benefits, and it can be soothing for your throat. Also, it helps oil the mucous membranes in the throat. It has anti-inflammatory effects that can help your body fight infection. Drink up to 2 tablespoons per day, either alone or in warm beverages. However, it is better to strictly limit coconut oil to about 2 tablespoons each day. It can have a laxative effect at higher dosages.


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