ENTERTAINMENT Day Michael Jackson made me faint – Hanujay

Day Michael Jackson made me faint – Hanujay


January 26,2020

Very few musicians the world over have the aspiration to stand and be seen in the same light as the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But Nigerian multi-faceted singer, comedian and content creator, Hanujay, Born Aghogho Hanu Agbodje says he wants to be seen like immortal Wacko Jacko. His reason may not be in substance but the sentiment aptly tenable.

“Music, probably wouldn’t have been a big thing in my life. I got into it because I saw Michael Jackson on TV and I was like 3-5 years at the time. It was totally amazing and exciting at the same time, seeing what he could do and how people loved him. In fact, I fainted and died for him and I want people to do that for me too. The beginning was alright, the process was great. I learnt for a couple of years, went to music school before making music; then I realized I was the real McCoy,” he said in an interview with our reporter.

He says, however, that things didn’t start to go up for him until 2018 when he released his first EP and the second the year that followed to announce his intention on the music scene.

“In 2018 I released the ‘Vibes’ EP’ which consists of 8 songs: namely; Dance; Special; Dodo; Fine Wine; Rock Well, Skit, No Smoking Zone, and Good Love. That was in January 2018. Then I released another EP, in December 2019 titled ‘Let’s smoke and Fuck” with 5 tracks: namely; Uber, Magic, Love, Guyman and Vibration. They were all produced by Patricia Studios. There are so many more unreleased singles. Just watch out for Hanujay.’

The two EPs, according to critics were not run-of-the-mill stuff; the titles were off the rail and there were a lot of questions on Hanujay’s identity and what he stands to portray in the music industry.

“There’s nothing kinky about the titles. They only sound a little sensational but absolutely harmless. The first is pretty chilled, just vibes. The second one was more like a magnet tool; it’s something everyone can relate to, either you practise it or you know someone that does. It was just to draw attention; when you listen to the playlist you’ll understand better. The first EP “Vibes” is pretty cool.”

Aghogho Hanu Agbodje known as Hanujay is a graduate of Delta State University. He hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is a musician, comedian and a content creator. He was a dancer before music took hold of him through the influence of ‘King of Pop,” Michael Jackson.

Talking about his music, he added: “Good music makes you happy and not only dance. If music doesn’t make you happy or dance, then it’s not good music. How you perceive music sometimes depends on the mood and the combination of sounds that feeds that particular mood. Nigerians make wonderful music. I think we are leading on different fronts, globally and musically.”

Hanujay doesn’t stick to any particular genre of music. He said he believes in combining different kinds of sound to generate his own special sound.


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